WordPress Meetup PBG Re-cap

This is my first meetup for this meetup group.  Carolyn Lee of Palm Beach SEO was kind enough to share her thoughts on links.

Link Building Takeaways:

1. Title Tags are the one of the most important factor among SEO factors.

2. Meta Description tags are considered important as well. Meta Keywords tag can hurt.

3. Header Tags – Make sure you have the hierarchy intact. Do not have more than 1 H1 Tag.

H1 – Title of the Page

H2 – What’s on the page

4. Optimize images; alt tags, keywords in the title and filename.

 Favorite Plugins

TinyMCE Editor

Genesis Theme


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  1. Justin Stern May 6, 2013 at 5:23 pm Hey rashed, good qutseion. Actually I don’t think there’s a programmatic way of retrieving the url for the track my order page, just because it’s not one of the special WooCommerce pages, it’s handled by the shortcode woocommerce_order_tracking so you can just go to your WordPress admin Pages area and find/create the page. Hope this helps

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