• How to setup Swiftype Crawler Based Search Engine for WooCommerce

    I first started using Swiftype late last year (2015). The user experience offered by SwifType is phenomenal. It makes searching fun and not guesswork. I started with the regular SwifType Search Engine along with the WordPress plugin from SwifType. While it provided basic functionality, the array of results did not include all potential matches. Digging […]

  • [SOLVED] Unable to login to WordPress after WooCommerce upgrade

    If you are having an issue logging into the WordPress Admin for your site, read on. Specifically, it seems that the WordPress login authentication completes. However, there is a redirect loop which is cyclic and recursive, so the browser eventually gives up. My Environment: Shared hosting based on LAMP Static Cache, Dynamic Cache (varnish) and […]

  • WordPress Meetup PBG Re-cap

    This is my first meetup for this meetup group. ┬áCarolyn Lee of Palm Beach SEO was kind enough to share her thoughts on links. Link Building Takeaways: 1. Title Tags are the one of the most important factor among SEO factors. 2. Meta Description tags are considered important as well. Meta Keywords tag can hurt. […]

  • Evaluation of JigoShop as WordPress e-Commerce platform

    So far, I have had some time to look at JigoShop for evaluation as an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Coming from a setup where we use dedicated CMS’s for e-commerce, the idea of a plugin seems a little too thin, relatively speaking. i.e. maybe the plugin does not have all the features that a full […]