• [SOLVED] GoShippo Fails to communicate with WooCommerce

    I have GoShippo for all ecommerce shipping needs. It integrates quite nicely with Woocommerce, Amazon, ebay and many other channels. I have used it smoothly for a few years. Last week, GoShippo stopped importing orders from Woocommerce. I was baffled because no code had been changed on the website to cause this. The goshippo-woocommerce integration […]

  • Woocommerce Algolia: How To Add Price (and other fields) to AutoComplete DropDown

    I have often wondered how we can add Price (and possibly other product meta data like Average Rating, etc) to the drop down for Algolia Search As You Type solution. Since the Algolia plugin is not supported by Algolia anymore, this was not easy to find. In this post Background This post assumes that you […]

  • Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator CDN Conflict

    The Visual Product Configurator Plugin allows you to offer fully customized products to your customers. Think earphones whose earpieces can be colored, think T-Shirts with different colors, think Sunglasses etc. The plugin works quite well on its own when I first tested it on localhost. On the Admin side, you build Product Builder Configurators. These […]

  • [SOLVED] GSC reports “availability” error for Products Schema when Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce is enabled

    A few month ago, I started a Google Shopping Campaign in Adwords. For this kind of campaign, you need to have a Google Product Feed setup (via Google Merchant Center). The products from your catalog are compiled into an XML feed (or CSV or other formats) that are then uploaded automatically into your Google Merchant […]

  • Adwords Script for generating a Negative Keywords List

    During the maintenance of my Shopping campaign in adwords, I realized I was spending a lot of time just weeding out the search terms that were not producing any conversions. These useless terms were dragging down the overall campaign performance. As a result, the campaign budget was being exhausted earlier. Given my new found zeal […]