[SOLVED] GoShippo Fails to communicate with WooCommerce

I have GoShippo for all ecommerce shipping needs. It integrates quite nicely with Woocommerce, Amazon, ebay and many other channels. I have used it smoothly for a few years.

Last week, GoShippo stopped importing orders from Woocommerce. I was baffled because no code had been changed on the website to cause this. The goshippo-woocommerce integration had worked so seamlessly without any manual intervention.

I removed the Woocommerce integration, retried it by entering the site URL. Repeatedly, I received the following error message: “Failed to establish connection with WooCommerce store”. I cleared the cache, both at the site and hosting level. No luck. GoShippo which is usually quick to respond to support requests had been un-responsive. 5 days passed by and nothing.

After chatting with the tech support at my hosting company (Kinsta), we realized what the issue could be! We checked the access and error logs on the hosting server side, nothing at all. Turns out it the issue was much simpler than we thought. It was an incorrect SSL installation. If the SSL is not installed correctly, the 3rd party sites will fail to connect to WooCommerce.

Earlier this month, I received a notice that the EV SSL certificate was expiring. After applying for a new SSL certificate and going through the tedious validation process, the certificate was finally issued.

In a rush to install the SSL, I had not installed the full certificate chain. This led to communication problems between GoShippo and Woocomerce. Following the instructions of the tech support at Kinsta (BTW, they have the most knowledgeable and helpful tech support), I removed the previously installed SSL. Following that, I re-installed the SSL certificate. The extra step was to install the .ca-bundle file from the certificate.

There are 2 text areas that need to be filled out for installing a new SSL cert. First is the .key file, second is the .crt file. The .key file pertains to the private key generated earlier (make sure you save this as its required for installation). For the .crt area, you enter the contents of the .crt file. Immediately, below that, you have to enter the contents of the .ca-bundle file.

Voila! That did the magic. When I checked at https://whatsmychaincert.com/, it worked without any errors. BTW, that is a very valuable resource, so make sure you bookmark it. I hope this blog post has helped you. Questions/Comments ? Type away below…






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