Adwords Script for generating a Negative Keywords List

During the maintenance of my Shopping campaign in adwords, I realized I was spending a lot of time just weeding out the search terms that were not producing any conversions. These useless terms were dragging down the overall campaign performance. As a result, the campaign budget was being exhausted earlier.

Given my new found zeal for Adwords Scripts, I embarked on a journey to automate the process. Below the script is presented. I hope you will find it useful.

Script Variables

  • CAMPAIGN_NAME = “Shopping”;
  • NEGATIVE_KW_LIST = “Automated-NegativeKWL-Shopping”;
  • CTR_THRESHOLD = 8; // 0.5%
  • COST_THRESHOLD = 1; // $4
  • SHEET_NAME = ‘NegativeKWListShopping’;

You can change these variables to tweak your performance criteria. For example, if you want to exclude Search Terms with less than 2 conversions and Impressions atleast 600, just change the corresponding parameters. In this case, you will set the CONVERSIONS_THRESHOLD to 2 and IMPRESSIONS_THRESHOLD

Adwords Script

Here is the script. Simply copy and paste into your Adwords Scripts.


I hope that someone finds this script useful. It has definitely been of value to me in making my workflow efficiently. In my case, this was specifically applied to the shopping campaign, particularly because there are no set keywords in Shopping ads. However, the same concept can be applied to any other Search campaign. Let me know your thoughts. This is my first attempt at publishing an Adwords script.

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