WooCommerce: Replace “Add To Cart” with “Ask” Form for Custom Products

When you Google the phrase “replace Add to Cart WooCommerce” (or any variants thereof), there are a lot of SERP’s suggesting the same way of hiding/not displaying the Add To Cart button. The idea is to remove the “woocommerce_template_single_add_to_cart” action.

Replace “Add to Cart” for Custom Products

However, in my case, I wanted to do this for only certain specific products. I have products that are marked as “Custom”, i.e. not stocked products. These are products that can be customized as per the customer/client. They usually take 6-8 weeks from order to delivery. The idea for the landing pages for these “Custom” products is not for them to make the purchase outright, but get them to contact the store owner. This way, the process of designing the custom product can be taken offline.

How to Designate a Product as “Custom”

The first step is to identify the products as “Custom” in WooCommerce. Following this guide by Remy Corson, I added a Checkbox under the General tab in the Product Edit Screen. When this Checkbox is checked, it means that the Product is “Custom”.

"Custom" product
“Custom” product

As you can see in the image above, this product is defined as “Custom”.

Next up, we have to hook into the correct action for marking all “Custom” products as not being allowed for Purchase. We will use the is_purchaseable() hook for that purpose.

Alternative CTA for “Custom” Products

I wanted a form to take the place of the “Add To Cart” button. In my case, I use Contact Form 7 for my forms. I just added a small form specifically for the purpose of this CTA. The visitors will see this form in place of the Add to Cart button. The store owner receives an email containing the lead.

We are simply checking if the Product is “Custom”. If it is “Custom”, we will set it as being non-purchaseable. This will hide the “Add To Cart” button for such “Custom” products.

Full Code Listing

Here is the full code. Notice that 2 other custom fields were added. You do not need those, so you can easily delete the relevant lines of code.


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17 responses to “WooCommerce: Replace “Add To Cart” with “Ask” Form for Custom Products”

  1. This is brilliant – thank you very much!

    Is it possible to either reverse the checked option or by default have it checked?


    • Hi Dennis
      The parameter to send to the “woocommerce_wp_checkbox( $field )” function is “$field[‘value’]”.

      Here is the full code for keeping the Checkbox checked by default. To uncheck the checkbox, simply set the ‘value’ parameter to ‘no’ or just omit the ‘value’ parameter.

      ‘id’ => ‘_custom_product’,
      ‘wrapper_class’ => ”,
      ‘label’ => __(‘Custom Order Product’, ‘woocommerce’ ),
      ‘value’ => ‘yes’,
      ‘description’ => __( ‘Product can be customized’, ‘woocommerce’ )

      Hope that helps!

  2. I want to change the text in the “add to cart” button to “Request Price” (this is for a jewlery site), and have the contact form pop up after the button is clicked. Is this possible?

    • Hi Jeff
      Yes, it is possible, but requires custom programming beyond the scope of this blog post. It will require JS code depending on how/where you want the Contact Form to pop up. Changing the text to “Request Price” is very easy.

  3. This is fantastic, just what I have been looking for. Clean and functional, thanks a lot! Although I’m struggling to hide the add to cart on a variable product page (it still shows with the custom checkbox checked) Any tips?

    • Hi Garry
      I am not sure I am following your issue. The code applies at the product level, so it covers all variations of a product.
      Am I not understanding your question? Have a link to share?

      • No problem Amit, I have set up a test site to demonstrate, clean WP and WooCommerce with Storefront theme : http://www.fltest.co.za/woo-test

        I have set up a simple product and a variable product which has various drop-down sizes. I have added your code the the child theme functions.php and enabled the Custom checkbox on both products. Notice how it does not hide the cart on the Variable product, only the Simple product.

  4. The link to Remy Carsons guide on adding a checkbox under the General tab in the Product Edit Screen is missing. What code do I need to add that custom checkbox?

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