[SOLVED] Network Error in Google Chrome on installing extensions

This is an issue that was occurring quite repeatedly. At first, I was able to install Extensions and Add-Ons to Google Chrome. However, at a certain point, no matter what extension/add-on I tried, it failed with the following message:

An error has occurred, NETWORK_FAILED

It did not matter whether I cleared my cache and cookies (forever). I tried using Incognito tab as well. Still no luck.

After trying all the suggestions (short of uninstalling and re-installing Google Chrome), I stumbled upon this sequence of steps :

1. Go to “run”. (after you click on the Start button in Windows)
2. Type in regedit.
3. Click on the arrow on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”.
4. Click on the arrow on “Policies”.
5. Click on the arrow on “Google”.
6. Click on “Updates”.
7. Double-click on “UpdateDefault          REG_DWORD           0x00000001
8. Make sure it is on “Hexadecimal”.
9. Change your “Value data:” to 1.

Voila! That one registry change did the magic. I do not recall whether or not I had to restart after these registry changes. I should also mention that Google Chrome updates were failing because of this. Even when I tried to update Chrome using the Settings menu ->About, it would fail without any fail code.

I hope this helps someone!

By Amit Ramani

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Hi i am using chrome on windows 10 and there is no folder call “UPDATE” inside google folder.
please help

I found following method:
1. Open MyComputer and go to location ‘C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc’
2. copy ‘hosts’ file and paste it on desktop.(Take backup of original file)
3. open ‘hosts’ file in notepad and delete entries related to
4. save file and copy & replace it with the file in ‘C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc’ location

Great! it really works, thank you so much Hrishi, I spent hours trying to fix it with no success until now, you genius!

Hi, Thanks a lot…it worked fantastically well. Now I am able to download chrome extensions. Thanks again. Bye bye

I followed those instructions but did not find anything in the hosts file that had “”, still getting network error on windows 10

Thanks – my problem is solved by Hrishi’s method with a tweak:

Somehow I can’t edit and save this file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host) even with administrative access. Since the only effective settings it contains are “###.###.###.###” I no longer need, I simply deleted the entire file (with a backup, of course).

Then I can immediately install Chrome extensions (without restarting it). My trouble for the past a few months is finally gone.

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