• [WooCommerce] Checkout Progress Bar

    As you read articles/posts on ecommerce optimization, specifically checkout optimization, a┬ápopular theme emerges: The Checkout Progress Bar. The idea is to provide your visitors some kind of visual feedback that they are making progress. It tells them how far along they are before the purchase is complete. Conversely, it tells them how much longer before […]

  • [SOLVED] How to trigger emails of Failed Orders in WooCommerce

    Update on February 3rd, 2016: As of version 2.5 of WooCommerce, this functionality is now built into the WC Core. This plugin is not needed. See the WC 2.5 Changelog for more details.   Following the lead from this blog post by SkyVerge, I set upon to create email notifications when an order fails. Essentially, […]

  • WordCamp Miami 2015 Recap

    I attended WordCamp Miami 2015 during May 28th-May 31st. The venue was Florida International University (FIU), my alma mater. The FIU campus has undergone a transformation. 16 years after I graduated, the campus has new buildings, fast food joints like a mall. I do feel proud of the fact that FIU campus at University Park […]

  • [SOLVED] Network Error in Google Chrome on installing extensions

    This is an issue that was occurring quite repeatedly. At first, I was able to install Extensions and Add-Ons to Google Chrome. However, at a certain point, no matter what extension/add-on I tried, it failed with the following message: An error has occurred, NETWORK_FAILED It did not matter whether I cleared my cache and cookies […]

  • [SOLVED] Unable to login to WordPress after WooCommerce upgrade

    If you are having an issue logging into the WordPress Admin for your site, read on. Specifically, it seems that the WordPress login authentication completes. However, there is a redirect loop which is cyclic and recursive, so the browser eventually gives up. My Environment: Shared hosting based on LAMP Static Cache, Dynamic Cache (varnish) and […]