• SMX 2013 Initial Feedback

    by Amit Ramani/ @anterikinc SMX Initial Feedback This was my first SMX conference. In fact, it was my first technical conference of any kind. While $2400 is quite a steep price to pay for the full conference (including the workshop and all sessions), the idea is that you get upto speed on the latest happenings […]

  • Evaluation of JigoShop as WordPress e-Commerce platform

    So far, I have had some time to look at JigoShop for evaluation as an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Coming from a setup where we use dedicated CMS’s for e-commerce, the idea of a plugin seems a little too thin, relatively speaking. i.e. maybe the plugin does not have all the features that a full […]

  • WordPress: JigoShop Conflict of “From” header

    Being new to WordPress, I had another challenge this week. It appeared that no matter what “name” was entered by the users on a form, the email sent (as a result of the form submission) was always “From : <Blog Name>” instead of “From : <Actual Name of User>“. In fact, all emails (regardless of […]

  • WordPress as e-commerce platform?

    Being new to WordPress, I would like to gather some feedback as to how well suited is to e-commerce applications. I am primarily interested in small business websites that require payment gateway integration and shipping providers (UPS, USPS, FedEx). At a very minimum, Paypal and Authorize.net must be supported. Quickbooks POS integration and synchronization would […]