• Notes from Google Adwords Workshop at PubCon Florida 2019

    In May of this year, I attended my first Pubcon. Specifically, I attended the Adwords workshop at Pubcon. Below are my thoughts from attending this event. Sorry, if they are a bit random, but its the best I could do while trying to collect and store all the instructions. Ad Testing Ideas Want to know […]

  • How to selectively enable/disable plugins on a per page/post basis using Plugin Organizer

    I am in perpetual pursuite of reducing page time. I think it not only helps your SEO ranking but also provides a better user experience. So it is a win-win. That said, when I ran a Speed Test on one of the page, I noticed it was loading some external 3rd party scripts that were […]

  • [SOLVED] WordPress/WooCommerce Reset Password form not working

    I am not sure when this started occurring, but recently a few of my users complained that they are unable to change their passwords. They click on the "Lost Password" link. They receive the email with the link to reset the password. Upon clicking on the link, they are redirected to "https://…./my-account/lost-password/?show-reset-form=true". However, the Reset […]

  • How to move the Archive Text in Genesis

    For a while, I have struggled with how to remove or change location of the Archive Intro Text in a Genesis-based theme. Essentially, the idea is to move the Archive Intro Text towards the bottom of the page mostly for SEO purposes. When I asked the questions on the StudioPress forums, I did not receive […]

  • How to Setup Algolia Search on WordPress with Genesis Theme

    For those of you new to Algolia, this is another Instant Search solution for WordPress search. It is a 3rd party solution. The plugin is Free. The service is based on the free plugin on the client side communicating with the Algolia servers to retrieve search results for users. The Algolia setup is very simple. […]