• SMX East – Getting serious about SEO & PPC

    I have finally made the decision to attend my first professional conference on all things SEO, PPC and the like. SMX East will be held in NYC Oct 1st – Oct 3, 2013. There is also a full day full of workshops on September 30th. I plan on attending that as well. Here are my […]

  • Same Page HTML Anchor Not Working? Here is why

    I have often encountered this issue where same page anchors do not work. When you click on a link that is supposed to take you to the designated position in the same page (as marked by the anchor), instead you land on the homepage with the name of the anchor appended to the home page […]

  • WordPress: JigoShop Conflict of “From” header

    Being new to WordPress, I had another challenge this week. It appeared that no matter what “name” was entered by the users on a form, the email sent (as a result of the form submission) was always “From : <Blog Name>” instead of “From : <Actual Name of User>“. In fact, all emails (regardless of […]

  • WordPress as e-commerce platform?

    Being new to WordPress, I would like to gather some feedback as to how well suited is to e-commerce applications. I am primarily interested in small business websites that require payment gateway integration and shipping providers (UPS, USPS, FedEx). At a very minimum, Paypal and Authorize.net must be supported. Quickbooks POS integration and synchronization would […]